Strain Review: RPG (Rainbow Punch Gelato) by Cannabiotix

Official RPG (rainbow punch gelato) official review @cannabiotix
THC: 27.9% CANNA: 32.91%
Cultivated:8/30/21 packaged: 9/27/21

Lineage/Genetics: purple rain (orange crush x purple punch) x gelato 41

Original Breeder/Grower: Cannabiotix

Rainbow Punch Gelato (RPG) Strain Review

rainbow punch gelato rpg by cannabiotix strain review by cali_bud_reviewsFirst impression- it’s full blown indica but woah if I didn’t know any better I’d say this is a sativa, based on look smell, and taste. Also comes with a sativa placebo effect I have noticed.

WEIGHT CHECK- 10.6/10.5 (pic 4) 10/10

AROMA- sweet berries and rainbows flavor profile similar to Zereal and cereal but with a heavy gelato layer in the background, fruity, berries, tropical skittles candy, fresh florals, gelato, sherbet and grapefruit (9.8/10)

APPEAL – mesmerizing chunky nuggets running darker green but layered In Trichromes and sticky sappy resin. Beautiful purple color schemes and orange color schemes truly giving off a rainy day rainbow vibe. Impressed with the big nuggets I got. Most had great density. (9.8/10)

SMOKE & TASTE- berries, gelato, fresh florals, rainbow candy, stanky kush, burned the cleanest purest white. (9.8/10)

EFFECT & MEDICINE – during the day it gives off a sativa placebo vibe. Probably from the sativa vibes the flower gives. At night time I notice the indica vibe more. Rare when you have indica that smokes sativa or a sativa that smoke indica. This has a Great strong buzz that hits quick and last decently long! great for relaxation or energy however you channel it. (9.8/10)

Puff or pass: PUFF This was my prediction to be last place if cbx new releases, and I got it last out of all the strains, and boy that was a mistake, rpg takes the cake out of the new releases easily. Great stuff exotic ATW! & with the potency to match!

Overall: 9.85/10

Compare to/ shout outs : @connected.california @blemvibe @canndescent @cali_lotus @craigie_89 @inspectorganja562 @imstillstoned823 @sandiegoemeralds

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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