Cultivar Review: Oak-Lato by Oakfruitland

Oakfruitland had one of the most well staffed and well decorated booths at Hall of Flowers. Everything from the vending machine to the plethora of people ready to chat business let you know that Oakfruitland was there to make a splash.

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder/Grower: Oakfruitland

Terpene Profile: Unknown


Oak-Lato Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

oaklato by oakfruitland strain review by caleb chen closeupOak-Lato has an intensity about it. A sweet fruit aroma wafts out but if you get close – a creamy earthiness envelopes you

Smell was gas and fruit. Whew. Medium body.

The bag appeal was high. Trike coverage was very stellar. Trike Heads remaining… not so Much. I bet this if this had come in a glass jar, it would have been better. Ho

Once ground up a little sour like turnt cream comes up and slaps you around. The color of the nug is tan from afar because of the trikes and top notch coverage. Under are dark dark leaves and big bracts. Very purple underneath. Very amber tan trikes. Well cured and processed.

Taste was consistent with the smell. A little cream and a lot of melted gelato fruit gas. The smoke was smooth and not so full bodied. High is quite a come down in relaxation but still with some energy

Nice escalator of a high that never took me too far over the edge. Not a devastating high by any means. Pleasant, euphoric, even keel, good for beginners. A little floaty feelingzzz but definitely more in body than head. Maybe if I took the time to get all the kief out of the bottom of the mylar, the high would have turned into a space escalator.

I can see how a one gram sample is enough for a buyer to make an educated decision. TBH it doesn’t work as well for a full review though. It’s a tease so thus so too is this review.

I bet this shit smokes fire in a blunt. You’re not getting a nice blunt out of a 1g sample.

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