Pre-roll Review: Breakfast of Champions by North Country Pharms

The last of the NCP gift bag: the Breakfast of Champions pre-roll.

Brand: North Country Pharms

Mix: Black Sherb + Melonade + Black Frost + Crepes + Dosickeys + Nerds + Pancakes + Northern Apples

Breakfast of Champions Pre-roll Review

Breakfast of Champions. I usually skip breakfast, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize its potential and place in the world. On the one day that I felt I needed a Breakfast of Champions, this Breakfast of Champions pre-roll was there for me. That’s right: wake n bake 4/20.

This is the fresh version of a generation blunt. Shoutout to my boy D for showing me the first one of those I ever saw. With this many cultivars present, good luck picking out any individual flavor with certainty – but be prepared to think you feel them all at once.

Everything, everywhere, all at once. Cool movie btw – definitely better while high on something like this.

The first hit of the day always hits different, but when you’ve had enough of them you can look past the wonder and try to poke at the nuances. Or, hear me out, you can go about that jam packed day you have planned. That’s what I did and I was sure glad I did.

Share this one, it’s an all around good time.


Caleb Chen

Certified Ganjier

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