Pre-roll Review: Bubba Gas Mints by Amplified Farms

Got gifted a Bubba Gas Mints pre-roll from Amplified Farms and wanted to highlight it because it smells like one of my favorite smells ever.

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Platinum Clouds(?)

Grower: Amplified Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Bubba Gas Mints Pre-roll Review

Now I got a pre-roll of this so I haven’t seen the nuggetry so I’m just going to avoid talking about it. I know some people don’t like evaluating the smell of ground up flower versus how it’d smell “on the vine” but I like doing so. That’s why I’m comfortable reviewing something based on its ground up version. As another point of justification… There’s hella people reviewing coffee grounds not beans.

So what does this Bubba Gas Mints smell like to me? It smells like Baskin Robbins Strawberry Ice Cream.

When I blazed it up, I got a lottle of camphor/menthol and a whole lot of bubbalicious creamy in the smooth smoke.

I let this one sit for awhile in questionable storage conditions + it was in a plastic container so I’m guessing it didn’t smell or taste like this when it was packaged. I personally enjoy a well aged, vintage smoke and this checked all of those boxes for me. The flavor was extremely long lasting on the palate and it returned right back to the Strawberry Ice Cream taste I expected from the nose.

It’s funny how a simple smell can brighten up a day. It’s one of those days for me.

The high is mellow but energetic. The pressure is there, but it’s light. I look forward to coming across the flower version of this so I can do an SAP on it for the Ganjier database.

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