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Strain Review: Butter Cake by The Herb Connoisseurs

Butter Cake 🧈🍰 Lineage/Genetics: Thin Mint GSC x Grape Pie Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics Grower: The Herb Connoisseurs Dispensary: Canna Culture

Butter Cake Strain Review

. 24.91% THC 29.88 TOTAL CANNABINOIDS . @theherbcon @cannaculturesanjose . 🧈Sweet and gassy aroma with a deep, powerful smooth buttery undertone that reminds me of a fresh baked pound cake . 🍰The flavors closely match the aroma, on the inhale you get a buttery smooth and sweet puff with a subtle but sharp fuel ended kick towards the backend. the exhale is sweet earthy. . 💯The nugs are have a sticky layer of trichomes that sparkle like diamonds that dance in the light. Lighter green hues dominate the color of this flower but you can see hints of violet embedded between the buds and even a few purple outer leaves. Bright long and stringy orange pistils help you see a buttery yellow tinge that resinates between the hues of green. . 🔥Smoked a blunt and was high af maybe too high. My body was completely couchlocked but I felt like I was on a cloud of silk. My mind was super relaxed and calm, it got difficult to stay focused and attentive by the end of the blunt. Then I rolled another and it took me outta this world, all i really remember was waking up 5 hours later and it being 6am in the morning😂😂 Ive picked it up about 4 more times in the last 3 weeks definitely a daily rotation smoke for me💯
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