Strain Review: Kush Mints by The Heights Co.

I was gonna review the Terple from @focusnorthgardens, but I think I need some more time with it to be able to adequately review it. I’ve been sitting on the Kush Mints from for a little bit, so it’s probably about time I get around to it.

Lineage/Genetics: Bubba Kush x Animal Mints

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: The Heights Co.

The Heights Co. Kush Mints Review

I’ve been trying to get more into some of the more modern classics. Kush Mints, Ice Cream Cake, Gelato crosses, and the like. Yes, Runtz, too. When it comes to that area of the Oregon market, is hard to beat. They were one of the first farms up here running Gelato heavy, and they’re the only ones I know of that run Gary Payton and Cheetah Piss at all.

They do a really good job with everything they put out, though my eye tends to be drawn elsewhere on the shelf, admittedly. This Kush Mints is a great example of their overall quality. The resin coverage and coloration give it a great overall bag appeal, and the cure is complete without having that crispy texture that some more thorough cure jobs can get. No styrofoam buds here.

Everything about this stuff is strong. An open dram had my room smelling minty after maybe a minute or two. Kush Mints is one of those names that does half of a my job for me, because just telling you the name gives you a pretty apt description. If you’ve ever had weed that someone described as “kushy”, add some menthol to that and you’ve got this Kush Mints. It’s that weird combination of Vick’s Vapo-Rub and a dusty salami cupboard.

The high hits like a truck. This is not working weed. It’s been great for insomnia on some nights, not so much on others. Its pain and stress relieving properties have made it a great after work brain melter for me. My job has me standing and lifting for 8 hours straight, so back pain relief is a must at the end of the day.

I’d recommend you try anything from these guys. I don’t smoke much from them, but most, if not all, of it impresses me. If you’re into that Seedjunky, Cali mylar kinda weed in Oregon, you can do considerably worse thanThe Heights. My go-to spot for their flower is of course @thc.pdx, but I also see some select batches at @oregrownindustries and I’m sure that the growers have a list of vendors on their website.

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