Strain Review: Animal Tree by Frew Tree

Animal Tree – @frew_tree

Nose: Citrus, piney, floral, sweet, tangy
Inhale: Piney, diesel, citrus, creamy floral, sour
Exhale: Citrus, woody, musty, piney

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Lemon Tree x Animal Mints bx1

Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics @beezyblends

Grown by: Frew Tree

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Animal Tree Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Hey what’s up everyone? I’ve been cleaning out some older material today and thought it would only be right to bring you the second installment I have for Frew Tree. After a solid first impression with the Butter Breath Deluxe, I figured I’d follow it up with some of the Animal Tree he gifted to me along with the first offering. This is a cultivar this page has seen once before (from Greentrap Cannabis) so it would be interesting to see where Frew Tree’s run of Animal Tree would stack up against. While not a fanatic of heavily orange-rooted citrus terps I did have a fond experience the first time around trying this cultivar out. When done correctly, Animal Tree has potential to be one of the more terpier strains around that really has a distinctive orange flavor similar to a glass of OJ. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

When Frew Tree gifted me the Animal Tree it came in the same mason jar style that came with an metal latch top on it. I know I said it in my last review but this has to be one of the more unique packaging presentations I’ve seen from the local market. When I unlatched the lid, I instantaneously picked up on a sweet and tangy citrus nose loaded with oranges (as expected). I also noticed some pine and floral in there but there was no mistaken those Florida oranges that gave this cultivar the ultimate citrus appeal. Coming out the jar, the medium-sized nugs that made up this 5g sample were on the dense side with a smooth, sticky structure to it. One thing I forgot to mention on the Butter Breath Deluxe review is that Frew Tree likes to de-stem his nugs before they go out to the patient to get rid of the excess weight it creates from some of those larger ones.

They maintained a frosty appearance being seemingly doused in trichomes. This was over bright green and violet colors joined by outrageously darker orange pistils covering the entire structure. When broken open, each one left that thick kiefy, sticky residue left on my fingertips (this was the type that needed baby wipes to get off). I preferred breaking the Animal Tree up by hand, however; if you are are breaking it up in the grinder just give it a couple turns so you maximize your output. The dry pull I received on the joint tasted similar to an Orange creamsicle mixed with burnt pine terps.

When I sparked the Animal Tree in an Organic RAW, the initial inhales were loaded with diesel and pine. Naturally, I honed in on those orange tangie terps which, in my opinion, were sweeter at some moments and sour at others. The flavor on the release retained those citrus and pine terps experienced on the inhale but intertwined with a mix of mustiness as well as wood. Right off bat, I quickly noticed how much more rich the terp profile on this run was than the previous time I had tried this cultivar. I was receiving sneakily gassy pulls to start off the sesh which became increasingly pressuresome as time went on. In addition, I recognized I was pulling in stronger hints of floral that ended up making its way into the conversation. I was also pulling in a fair amount of creamy terps making this point of the sesh the most delectable; signifying notes of creamsicle and flowers. This Eventually, each hit became an even mix of gas and OJ right around the halfway point of the sesh until around the finish. This included a large overtone of pine terps which consistently carried their way through the sesh as well. The burn on the joint was impeccable drawing consistently even and smooth pulls throughout the entire sesh. Ensuing from this was a thick and funnel-like white ash complimented by a relatively fat terp drip ring. When it came to the overall flavor, consistency, and potency the Animal Tree put out there wasn’t much I could find to poke at. This cultivar provided an extremely terpy smoke (one of the better ones I’ve had recently) as well as a gateway to pretty strong medicinal effects. Even being a person who enjoys smoking out of fronto, I reserved these for RAWs/joints given its accurately replicated citrus flavor.

The medicinal effects from the Animal Tree started to put in work with a slight build of raciness in the mind around the completion of the sesh. From what I remember, this cultivar had a lot more Sativa-like qualities within its medicinal effects than previously experienced with the one from Green Trap.

Although I did feel a great deal of relief, including a slight paralysis, within my upper body muscles and limbs, this cultivar gave an upbeat tone. Along with being fairly perceptive, I developed an aniexty-producing heartbeat which went up and down in pace. I’m addition to this, I became very alert which made this periodically useful during the daytime especially towards more “under the gun” tasks. Despite this feeling, I still was able to maintain a calmness which balanced out those heart-racing effects. You could say this was a “best of both worlds” type high which completely provoked both the mind and body throughly. This also made it applicable for night use as well. The time in which the effects last didn’t slouch either as I was sedated for a good two hours or so. Personally, I was a fan of the medicinal effects that the Animal effects and it was what I expected after receiving an exceptional smoking experience.

After trying both samples from Frew Tree, the Animal Tree took the crown and it wasn’t a photo finish either. Delivering a more consistent terp profile, cleaner smoker, and quality medicinal effects this cultivar did its job thoroughly. I will even go this far to saying that this was more enjoyable than Green Traps offering and that’s saying something. I’ve already rambled enough about the textbook citrus terps this holds but the overall terp profile is a must have for flavor chasers. Especially those who enjoy a clean, smooth smoke from start to finish. The medicinal effects from this cultivar of Animal Tree I would say are more fit for daytime use from what I experience. Although it did contain some limb-numbing effects, I felt like this cultivar brought about a dose of motivation that fit well in the scheme of daily tasks and activities. All in all, I was very satisfied by the overall experience the Animal Tree had to offer and would definitely snag this again if available.

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