Strain Review: Animal Tree by Green Trap Cannabis

Animal Tree – @greentrap.cannabis

Nose: Citrus, piney, floral, earthy, gassy, spicy
Inhale: Citrus, sour, diesel, piney
Exhale: Citrus, musty, creamy, minty

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Lemon Tree x Animal Mints Bx1

Breeder/Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics @beezyblends

Grower/Cultivated by: Green Trap Cannabis

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Animal Tree Strain Review

Hey what’s up everyone? Happy New Year to each and all of you out there and especially those who have shown support since the inception of this page late last year in September. Today I will start out the new year with bang with a follow up from the last review of last year. The second installment of my Green Trap Cannabis cultivar will include their Animal Tree. When I first heard of the name from a friend who gifted me this my interest suddenly peaked. When I learned that it was a cross between Lemon Tree and Animal Mints Bx1 I knew this would be a “best of both worlds” strain. After a flavorful smoke on the Tropicana Cherry we review yesterday I was ready to see what their Animal Tree had to offer. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts.

Similar to the Tropicana Cherry, the Animal Tree was gifted to me in a small, basic glass mason jar so no need to get into too much detail on the packaging. When I took off the lid I immediately received a citrusy gas smell that poured out of the top of the jar. This was mixed in with an overload of differing scents including spice and floral. I also picked up on some lemon and tangie notes within the nose too. The nugs were on the larger size as the eighth I received consisted of 4 larger-sized buds which were dense as ever. These lime green, sticky buds had an above average trichrome coverage with a decent amount of pistils that were a bit buried but made their way through the structure.

The effects felt after smoking the Animal Tree were deep vibes of relaxation, slight paralysis in the upper body region as well as a bit of getting lost in deep thought. This wasn’t a high that completely put me out of commission but I considered it during the night time. I tried this offering before the holidays so this really came in handy after some of those longer days filled with shopping and errands. I felt my thoughts fighting with each other during the duration of being under the influence of this cultivar. I also felt a slight loss of appetite as well so I tended to enjoy this after having dinner. As opposed to the Tropicana Cherry I posted yesterday, the Animal Tree’s effects were mighty potent and rounded out this cultivars appeal. The come down was a bit sleepy on this so, as mentioned, this was a perfect fit for a night cap smoke.

My recommendation upon smoking the Animal Tree that was offered by Green Trap is that this strain is a great fit for more seasoned smokers looking to take the edge off on a night in. The heavy sedative effects from this I believe would flatline a less experienced smoker. However, this could be beneficial for those struggling with any pain-related illnesses, sleep loss, or depression. Apart from the effects, the flavor will appeal to a lot of smokers especially those who have appreciate for a combo of citrus and gas. Anyone who enjoys a cultivar in which both the smoke and flavor profiles are extremely pungent will find joy with Green Trap’s Animal Tree. I think this was an impressive offering by them and I certainly will be on the look out for more from them in the future.

Despite the stickiness the Animal Tree had in its texture, the two-turn grinder method was not applicable here. The yield was definitely a couple points above par and, once broken down, there was a strong citrusy gas-like aroma that filled the air. I also could smell a strong floral scent to go along as well. The dry pull consisted of these same flavors after filling the joint out nicely. Given the pungent smell and textbook breakup, I had high hopes on what this Animal Tree would smoke like.

When I sparked up the Animal Tree in an Organic RAW, I was greeted with a light pulls of citrus and floral on the inhale. On the way out, I retained those citrus terps pulled in during the inhale with a bit of must as well. As opposed to the Tropicana Cherry, which had that orange flavor this was more of a light floral-like citrus taste. A little way into the sesh, I started to notice some light diesel terps mixed in with those lemon and citrus notes on the inhale. Around the same time, there was a faint mint cream taste which is probably due to the Kush Mints parent on the lineage of this cultivar. For the most part, the pulls were gassy but smooth which led to a little bit of coughing especially once I got a little way in. The combustion of sour and citrus added a lot of flavor throughout the sesh even down to the final pulls. The ash on the cultivar was a very light grey to white ash which came to no surprise given the overall cleanliness of the smoke. This was support by a heavy terp res ring. Personally, I think this was the better of the two cultivars I received from Green Trap because of the overall package this provided from first smell to smoke. Not to mention this did lead to a pretty potent high as well.



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