Cultivar Review: Blue Cherry Sherb by Amplified Farms

Blue cherry sherb

Lineage/Genetics: Blue Sherb x Blue Cherry

Original Breeder: Strait A Genetics

Grower: Amplified Farms

Terpene Profile: Beta Caryophyllene dominant

Blue Cherry Sherb Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Appearance: No contaminants observed. The nugs I got were on the high end of moderate trichome coverage and when I initially got the jar, most of the trichomes were still intact. The nug was tight to me. I thought it was well trimmed and the flower was properly matured and cured to a good moisture level. The color is not purple, but not bloo, either.

Aroma: The gasses really built up in the jar and the intensity was in my face. I mostly got fruit and sweet smells and the storage was great. The predominant note was 7 Eleven slushy but in the back were oh so many earthy and deep smells of the woods behind the dumpster at that same 7 Eleven.

Flavor: The dry hit was delicious and once lit up, the smoke was full bodied and intensely creamy. Some of the smells didn’t make it to the taste. I felt the cherry and even lemony tartness in the smoke as well as some harshness that lessened as I aged the flower over a month.

Experience: It’s a creeper the way that brain freeze from a blue raspberry icee is a creeper. You think you’re fine and then all of a sudden that pressure has made a home in your dome. The blue cherry sherb is much more pleasant than brain freeze – it doesn’t hurt it just leaves you with the mental version of a palette cleanser.

The physical effect was relaxing while the mental effect was on the relaxing side of balanced. The onset was delayed and the intensity was strong. I’d say the duration was sustained and the after effect relaxed. Another Amplified Farms stare at the fridge smackiedoodle. Did my headband slip? It’s still tight.

Generally I felt that the harsher smoke was worth it for the high.

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