Cultivar Review: Lemon Kerosene by Amplified Farms

The Lemon kerosene cultivar

Lineage/Genetics: Lemon Tree x Sour Diesel x The White

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Amplified Farms

Terpene Profile: Myrcene Dominant

B-Myrcene – 0.8%
Beta Caryophyllene – 0.5%
Limonene – 0.44%
Linalool – 0.17%
Humulene – 0.15%

Lemon Kerosene Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Appearance: Oh So sticky. Moderate level of trichome coverage and trichome head intactness. Well trimmed and an ideal maturity and cure. The colors were almost yellow over the green.
Smell: fuel, fruit

Aroma: There were two many notes and they were blasted. In fact, I think they’re part of the name: Lemon and Kerosene. Like a yellow skittle that got dropped in an old jerry can, the fuel and the fruit are a not-Hawaiian punch to the face. I recently learned from Kevin Jodrey that the oft cited fuel smell isn’t caused by any of the terpenes that we’re all familiar with but instead are attributable to phenols.

Flavor: Fruity sweet sour on the way in and sour fuel on the way out. More complex flavor than the aroma. Maybe because the phenols cover up the stuff that’s under to the nose? Who knows. This is what I imagine fire breathing tastes like. Gassy after tones to a smoke that’s a little heavy.

Experience: Moderate physical and mental effect. Very relaxed but i have my focus still. My body is like 60% locked up. Even typing is harder lol. This high is incredibly productive if you know what you’re doing. For me, I was listening to something at 2x speed and I thought it was at 1x so I went to speed it up. Let’s just say my spidey senses were tingling.


Dummie ol’ me lost the photo but trust me it looked fire.


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