Strain Review: Budino by Klutch Cannabis

Strain: Budino

Lineage/Genetics: Oreoz X Heatlocker

Breeder: Tahoe_Nugz & Ogloudest (collaboration)

Grower: Klutch Cannabis

Terpene Profile: Limonene Dominant

COA: Cannabinoids/Terpenes

Budino Cannabis Flower Review

1. Visual 5/5

– Frost all over the nug
– Light and darker purple buds
– Specs of orange and green

2. Smell 3.5/5

– Faint citrus
– Spicy citrus once I break down the buds

3. Taste 4/5

– Very sweet tasting the entire pack
– Inhale gives more gassiness
– Tough to identify the exhale but it just tastes like good weed. Like the stuff I had when I first started consuming.

4. Effects 5/5

– Happy high
– Heavy upper and lower body tingle
– Euphoric/giggles

5. Terpene Content 4/5

– Limonene .401% (4.01mg)
– Caryophyllene .291% (2.91mg)
– Myrcene .193% (1.93mg)
– Ocimene .132% (1.32mg)
– Humulene .092% (.92mg)
– Linalool .077% (.77mg)
– Beta Pinene .067% (.67mg)
– Alpha Pinene .038% (.38mg)
– Camphene .015% (.15mg)
– Total terps @ 1.3% (13.08mg)

5. Conclusion 4.3/5
– Budino is one of the frostiest buds I’ve ever seen from Klutch. Most ppl shy away from this one, but that’s a big mistake! Very surprised on how well it tasted considering it was somewhat on the lower end of the terp spectrum. Klutch cannabis has some great strains. Some strains I’ve had way too much and it’s gotten less desirable but this one isn’t going anywhere! Keep it coming Klutch! Thanks everyone for checking out my review

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My name is Tyler Baker. The first legal cannabis patient in Lorain County, Ohio.  I have been using cannabis since 2009 to treat my epilepsy, and I have been advocating for cannabis normalization since that time.  Also, I am a brand ambassador for the Cannabis Rewards/Payment company called "Spendr" that was introduced in the state recently. I have a wonderful wife of 8 years, as well as two children together. My passion for cannabis is unshaken, I want everyone to look at this plant as a natural healer that can be beneficial for their wellbeing. Check out more of my reviews at @bakers_420_review on Instagram! (

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