Strain Review: Purple Mamba by Kings Garden

Purple Mamba 💜🐍

Lineage/Genetics: Blue Bubblejuice x Black Domina

Original Breeder: Kings Garden

Grower: Kings Garden

Dispensary: Canna Culture

Purple Mamba Strain Review

20.962% THC
0.06% CBD
26.014% Total Cannabinoids
💜The aroma to this is very deep and unique, theres a deep sweet earth and woodsy base with a slight fruity touch that i cant put my finger on (grape,cherry, raspberry) with a subtle and smooth spiceyness thats adds a nice potent consistency through the smoke and flavor. Theres a marshmellowy sweetness up front on the nose and tongue followed by a slightly savory spice kick.
🐍Deep hues of indigo dominate and develop on the outside leaves with violet streaking within leading inside and getting more vibrant as you get closer to the stem. Forest and spring hues of green help balance out things out while golden tangerine colored pistils add a venomous touch to the royal aesthetic. The bone tinged trichomes are sticky and sit on the leaves like granulated sugar on a pastry.
💜Off the first puffs I felt an uplifted sensation go through my body and straight to my brain putting me in a relaxing euphoric space, helping get rid of any thoughts that were causing stress and anxiety. Slowly but surely the high settled into my body slowing me down while swallowing aches and pains, ultimately preparing me for a great night’s rest after ridding my body of stress.
🐍Shout out to Anthony over @cannaculturesanjose for supporting and showing love. Cant remember what I walked-in to get but I was grateful to be gifted with this Purple Mamba it reminds me of #KB24🖤.
Left the club feeling like the goat and ended up taking a trip to the beach. I used to be a big fan of the kingsgarden brand but thanks to a sour interaction and some new knowledge things are a little different. But that doesnt take away from the great flower they produce. Let me know what yall think💯.

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