Strain Review: Key Lime Pie by Peak Distribution

Peak Distribution’s Key Lime Pie 🥧🍋 Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush x Durban Poison (GSC Pheno) Original Breeder: Burning Bush Nurseries Grower: Peak Distribution Dispensary: Canna Culture

Peak Distribution Key Lime Pie Review

. 21.64% thc . @peakdistro @cannaculturesanjose @miah_peakdistro . 🥧Trichomed shining sticky big nugs At the stem the flower is bright ranging between shades of greenish-yellow with tints of amber on some leaves. As the flower grows out it devolps greener tones till it reaches a dark green on its outer most layers. the amber tints of are consistent on nearly every bud , the fade away as the flower becomes richer in color. Thick Amber stigmas infiltrate the flower all the way through and boldly nest between the leaves and buds. 🍋Strong but not overwhelming Sweet minty lime aroma with a slight citrus tang on the backend and a balancing pine/earth base. Smooth medium heavy smoke. 💯Body relaxing experience followed by a fun boost of mental energy that gives it a enjoyable slight sativa effect.Great for stress and anxiety (helped me through a day of indifference), best for wake and bakes but definitely can smoke anytime of the day .
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Check out more reviews by @sjweed.review on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/sjweed.review)

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