Strain Review: Bachio Gushers by Fiore Genetics

The Bachio Gushers strain by @fioregenetics .

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Fiore Genetics

Grower: Fiore Genetics

Bachio Gushers Strain Review

bachio gushers by fiore genetics strain review by xoticgasreviews 2Nose was so fruity, sweet, candy, and a hint of funk terps.

Structure of the bud is just A+++.

The nodes on the nug are grown to max potential and you can physically tell right when you look at it.

Tasted so good and is very enjoyable.

Fruity terps are always one of my go-to’s.

The high was an instant heavy hit to the head followed by a trickling sensation throughout the body.

Taste: 9/10
Looks: 10/10
High: 9/10

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Check out more reviews by @xoticgasreviews on Instagram! (

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