Cultivar Review: Hyper Fuel by Grady Brown’s Garden

Keeping warm from the fall chill with this Hyper Fuel grown by @gradybrownmm in his all organic input garden. Hyper Fuel is originally bred by legendary Oregon breeders @archiveseedbank. Archive took their famed genetic Dosidos(OGKB*Faceoff OG BX1)and crossed it with another one of their own crosses Rocket Fuel(Jet Fuel OG*Faceoff OG BX1). This having the Faceoff OG BX1 in both parents makes this cross a BX2 of Faceoff OG known as the gassy cultivar Hyper Fuel. I’ve had this one before and when Grady told me it was his best run yet I knew it was time for review. So let’s get it!

Lineage/Geneitcs: Dosidos x Rocket Fuel

Original Breeder: Archive Seed Bank

Grower: Grady Brown’s Garden

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Hyper Fuel Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

hyper fuel by grady brown's garden strain review by theweedadvocate 2Long dense spears has been a signature style on many of Grady’s cultivars and these are no different with bright mint greens clashing with the forest green tips. No exotic purple or blues just the purest green bud for those old school heads. The only other color are the loads of burnt umber hairs sprouting up in thick patches and decent amount of fine trichomes. 23/25

Immediately out the jar is like walking into a mechanic shop or a mechanic’s car. That dusty metal and oil grime smell that you can’t get off your clothes. Breaking it up and the gas turns into a more acetone nail polish remover stank. 22/25

Transition to flavor is spot on to the smell with that grease monkey(not the cultivar) funk lingering in your mouth far after exhale. The name stays true from start to finish this one is astringent gas that keeps peaking all the way thru the finish with no sweetness or cookie from the Dosidos. Dry pull tasting like you just siphoned gas out the car while burning down to some of the cleanest white ash I’ve seen and small terp ring. 23/25

This one hits the head after a few tokes off the bong. By the fifth hit expect the body to start to shut down and enter a full body buzz that works great for pain relief and deep body relaxation. There may not be a ton of Dosidos flavor but it sure does come thru on the high making this great for midday to nighttime with a high that lasts 75-90 min. 23/25

91 points- #weedadvocate #hyperfuel #gradybrown #archive

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