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Strain Review: Coconut Horchata by Dubz Garden x La Coz

@dubz_garden and @la_coz_ Coconut Horcata and I can’t be more excited to get my hands on these two. While coming in mylar leads to some beat up buds Cali always seems to be a step ahead of the game on terps leading to the apex of both smell and flavor.

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato 33 x Horchata

Grower: Dubz Garden x La Coz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Coconut Horchata Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by theweedadvocate

coconut horchata by la coz x dubz garden strain review by theweedadvocate


CH- Unknown genetics but most likely a Horchata cross from Compound/Wyeast

Bag Appeal

CH- Chartreuse buds with a touch of lavender on the sticky breakdown. Heavy frost and rusty orange pistils on these dense chunky nugs. 23/25


CH- Toasted almond, creme brulee, yellow cake mix, and chalky citrus/pineapple gas. 23/25


CH- Graham cracker, honey, cinnamon, pina colada and creamy milky gas with hints of clove that leaves a film on your mouth. Dry pull of creamy citrus that burns down to white ash with heavy resin drip. 24/25


CH- Fast acting smack you upside the head buzz, warm fuzzy relaxation, balanced high but still intense with little sleepiness that last 75-90. 23/25


CH- 93 Points

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Coconut Horchata Review by TheTHCSpot

“Coconut Horchata” by Dubz Garden / LaCoz .. genetics are (Gelato 33 x Horchata) this strain has been fire but the batches got even more dialed in. The aroma is creamy , gassy and sweet candy. The structure on the flower is amazing , dense , sticky and full of trichomes. The effects are strong on this one testing at total 41% giving you a solid head high and body high followed by a balance of euphoria and stress relief. The taste is 🔥 you can taste the horchata terps with cream and gas with flavor down to the roach. It also burned clean , with the right amount of lung pressure and white ash! Overall I think Dubz Garden /LaCoz should keep this as a staple in the rotation 🔥👏


coconut horchata by dubz garden x la coz strain review by thethcspot

Coconut Horchata Review by TheCannaisseurKing

🥥🥤 Coconut Horchata: (Genetics Unknown)
@dubz_garden @bertstreez916 @cozmo_music @la_coz_

This is another late one I had tucked away, I’m just getting prepared for the Strawberry Horchata review coming up soon! Crack the bag and you instantly get hit with a gassy aroma with a nice up close nose of candy! Definitely has the essence of candy for sure , just having heavier notes of it! Bright green and platinum look to the nugs, nicely cured, nicely dense, and was sticking to my finger when pulling nugs apart. Instantly new this was gonna be some potent smoke! Rolled up a nice chop with @theriptip and the airflow was insane. I get the coconut type of terp, it’s this candy cream, with a slight backend of gas, the gas and candy became more heavy in the cream! Sparked up instantly, no problems whatsoever 🤤 and started drippin off the first few rips 🔥 I can tell you right now , this coconut horchata and AnimalLand have been the most potent smoking strains coming from @dubz_garden this far! I need to try more strains but so far those are staples ! The inhales were nice smooth to throat but also were potent and chokey! Then with the exhale you get a heavy choke, smooth and easy on the throat but extremely potent. Every hit gets stronger n stronger and the flavor was tang tart creamy gas with your mouth coated in a weird candy twisted terp! Definitely a hard hitter and tasty potent smoke 💯 10/10 #OnlyTheBest #FromDubz #Berner #Cookies #PAID #Garden #LaCoz #Cozmo #BerniHanna #StrawberryHorchata #Amaretti #Bertz #CAM #TerpTaster #PhenoHunter #StrainCollector #BagChaser #HandRoller #StackNChase #SacTown #SacOnTheMap #Explore #Worldwide #Gordo #Scientific #Airflow #Reviewer #TheOriginal #King #Cannasaurus👑🦖

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Documenting nothing but the best flower that I come across -Nothing is for sale

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Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

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