Cultivar Review: Zoap by Logan Local

Merry Christmas Cannafam! Another year is winding down and just like I save my fattest nug to the very end. That’s exactly what I did with this cultivar The Zoap. I know the strain was on everybody’s top 5 list last year as it blazed thru Cali but now that it made its way out to the midwest thanks to @loganlocal47 I was finally able to bless my lungs with this insane flavor blast that was originally bred by @wizardtreesofficial and @deofarms for @doja.pak by crossing Pink Guava pheno 16 with a Rainbow Sherbert F2 to help set the tone for Doja Pak to rise up to the success of the RS11. Now this batch may not be Doja pak but this is from a seasoned Cali vet so this is a great representation of what the Zoap is all about.

Lineage/Genetics: Rainbow Sherb V2 x Pink Guava #16 F2 Pheno 21

Bred by: Deep East

Grower: LoganLocal

Terpene Profile: Unknown

LoganLocal Zoap Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

zoap by loganlocal strain review by theweedadvocate 2

Bag Appeal

Fat dense arrowhead shaped buds with colors of dark forest green, yellow chartreuse, and bright pumpkin orange pistils. Buds came in a jar instead of Dojas signature mylar and you can instantly see the difference from the delicate care Logan takes with his flowers. Heavy layers of short sparkling crystals and deep violet hues popping out the center. Breakdown is greasy with a good amount of sticky buds in the center to make up for the slightly dry outer layer. 23/25


This is where things start to get interesting as soon as you pop the lid these amazing tropical guava notes are combined with sugared ruby red grapefruit , and even a layer of floral lavender fabric softener. Once ground up the tropical candy notes are dancing around your nostrils like sugar plum faeries. 25/25


The transition to flavor is something I was instantly hoping for as sometimes the intensity doesn’t always carry over to taste but this doesn’t let up a bit with tropical fruits ranging from guava, papaya, and passion fruit to this lingering soapy film that keeps your mouth watering with flavor. Definitely a flavor that is as distinct as the RS11, Zkittlez, and Runtz that I’m sure will be blessing lungs for years to come. Dry pull on the J is soft creamy floral guava that burns down to light grey ash and heavy resin ring. 24/25


While the high is not an intense Indica it does provide you with a full body experience that starts rather quickly in the head. While the halo of happiness that has built up in the mind quickly ripples down the body it leaves you a giggly light hearted manner. Great for social events where anxieties breakdown quickly but never leaving you tired lasting for 75-90 min. 23/25. Overall 95 points

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