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Cultivar Review: Fruit Stand by Revolution Cannabis

There have been very few cultivators that really excite me anymore in this state. It seems like @aeriz.official and @revcanna have been running away with it leaving most companies in the dust. So when my last showdown between these companies ended in a tie I figured we should continue this head to head matchup with two more of their new genetics. So i went with Revolution’s brand new Fruit Stand. Lineage/Genetics: Blueberry Clementine x Florida Orange Original Breeder: Revolution Cannabis Grower: Revolution Cannabis Terpene Profile: Unknown

Fruit Stand Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Genetics FS- Blueberry Clementine*Florida Orange bred by Revolution Bag Appeal FS- 5 Conical mint colored buds with the dry brittle consistency similar to Blueberry Clem. Crimson red hairs with dusty keify trichomes falling off the buds. 21/25 Aroma FS- Berry cheese danish, orange marmalade, touch of stinky foot, and grapefruit rind. 24/25 Flavor/Burn FS- Cheesy nutty blueberry with dark blood orange. Blueberry forward cut of Blueberry Clem with a more intense stinky cheese note. Dry pull on the J is more orange bitters and burns down to clean white ash and small resin ring. 24/25 High FS- Takes a bowl to fully feel its relaxing effects for 45-60 min. Once the high sets in it does give you the giggles and elevates your mood without feeling sleepy. 21/25 Overall FS- 90 points fruit stand by revolution cannabis strain review by theweedadvocate 2
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