Strain Review: Cherry Poppers by Super Dope

Cherry poppers by hi tech/ superdope brand and fearofboof.

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Super Dope x Hi Tech x Fear of Boof

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cherry Poppers Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Gonna be totally honest here…. As much as I wanted to try the bud, I was totally drawn in by the bag and sticker haha. Really wanted a half naked Asian women to stick on the back of my phone haha! Such a great idea/design in my opinion. EVERYONE is gonna have something similar coming out haha. Luckily it wasn’t just the bag and sticker that gave this strain so much hype. I’ve heard nothing but great things. Even the batches they growing in Michigan look crazy fire. I’ve never heard of the other brands but hi tech has never let me down so I had to grab myself one. Let’s see if it’s the pussy selling the bags or if it lives up to the hype.

Smell: 9.4/10 I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS! I was just expecting a really good smelling lcg pheno but this is more then that…. Very loud smell that leans heavily toward the cherry side. Still some lemon to it but not much. What surprised me is how funky it was. Smelled straight up like some cherries and stinky feet 😷. Really made it stand out compared to all the other lcg strains out.

Appearance: 9.5/10 wowzers. These are some gorgeous buds. Very very small nugs but each and every one was a piece of art. It has the common lcg look on steroids. Mix of light and dark hues coated in white and tan trichomes. The guts were beautiful bright pink and purple. Parts of the buds looked like snowey mountin tops they were so covered in trichs. The cure was a little on the drier side but so close to perfect I can’t complain at all. Usually I don’t really like getting small nugs like this but I honestly couldn’t have been happier with them when I got a good look. Didn’t even want to smoke them they looked so perfect.

Smoke/taste: 9.5/10 the one complaint I heard about this strain is that it wasn’t very strong. Everyone raved about the taste but said they wished it was a little stronger. Based on my experience, this shit had me fried. Great body high that took away all aches and pains having me feeling like I was floating in a lazy river. Also had my eyes as red as could be. And the taste…. Yeah they were right this is great. The funk didn’t come through as much in the taste just straight cherry. Not that light rainier cherry taste but the sharp candy cherry taste. Very full mouthwatering flavor that coats ur mouth and stays with you long after smoking it. The most impressive part was the burn. No matter what I put it in, (paper/blunt) no matter how much I put in, this stuff burnt as white as could be and dripped more then any strain I’ve seen in a while. My fingers were so freaking sticky by the end of smoking haha. Only complaint I have is the flavor didn’t seem to be as good the further you got down the blunt/joint but it was still super enjoyable.

Overall:9.4/10 not only was this brilliant marketing but it was also some special special flower. Don’t let the bags and stuff fool you, this isn’t just another pretty bag with the same ole lemon cherry gelato in it. This is some straight fire. Something I feel like candy smokers and old school smokers would equally like. Highly recommend everyone to try this. Can’t wait to see what else these guys have up their sleeves. Also would really like to try the Michigan batch to see how it compares. Promise y’all won’t regret grabbing this one!



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