Strain Review: Domino Runtz by THE TENco x Runtz

Domino Runtz by Ten co x Runtz I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw them advertising this bag a few months back. (To be clear, I love the strain Runtz. Idc how oversaturated the market is, when it’s done right Runtz is one of the best things smoking) on the other hand I’m not a huge fan of the Runtz brand (jokes up).

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Breeder/Grower: THE TENco x Runtz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Domino Runtz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I just haven’t had the best of luck with their products and I really don’t like what they did in nyc with all the strain contracts and stuff. Feel like they more about money then quality. I’ve only tried a couple of their strains and they were honestly some of the worst dispo batches I’ve ever had… i feel like ten co is on the whole other side of the spectrum. They put out nothing but quality! Definitely a brand I feel like is for the people. That’s why I was so pumped to see what they could do with the Runtz strain. You give real growers real genetics and you’ll get real results!
(Just one thing because idk how many people know this but it’s important to know for the review… lemon cherry gelato is a Runtz pheno. Just keep that in mind)

Smell: 9/10 sweet as a sugar cone! I wasn’t expecting anything to crazy because most Runtz smell pretty much the same way but they turned the sweetness dial up on this one! Such a deep rich smell. Swear the poured a bunch of sugar on these buds and called them trichs haha. I’d say it leaned more towards the earthy berry side then fruity. Literally has me 🤤 thinking about it.

Appearance: 9.25/10 wow! I’m not gonna lie I was not expecting this! As much as I love the taste of runtz/lcg I usually am not super impressed by the look. Usually super small buds covered in keify trichomes with a loose structure. Ten co said “hold my bong lemme show u what Runtz can look like”. These buds were magnificent. The 8th was one big bud with a couple littles. Every single bud was super tight, shining in trichs and crazy sticky in the inside. It was actually hard to break up by hand because it was so sticky and dense. Truly one of the better cured strains I’ve had in a while. Crazy fresh. When u open the bag all u see is purple and white and some light green in there but other then that It looks straight white and shines like a chandelier. The guts were straight pink and purple. Still can’t get over how fresh and beautiful this bud was. No doubt in my mind this is some of the prettiest Runtz on the market.

Smoke: 9.25/10 just as you’d expect, this shit tastes like chewing on some fresh sugar cane. Crazy sweet. Burns as good as you’d expect from ten co. Pure white ash with crazy resin drip. Couldn’t have been a cleaner smoke. Couldn’t have been a cleaner feeling high either. Very clear head high with a HEAVY HEAVY body high that had me feeling like I was floating. Freaking loved smoking this stuff and hated seeing the bag run out.

Overall: 9.3/10 I was insanely impressed by this strain. My expectations were super high and they met and/or shattered every one. Out of the thousands of runtz/lcg strains out there this one is for sure one of the best in every category. If you like candy strains you absolutely have to grab this. You will not be disappointed. One thing I will say is this strain is being HEAVILY faked rn so just make sure ur source is legit. Ten co is absolutely murdering the weed game rn and is only gonna get bigger now that they have their own store. My only worry is that some brands end up not putting out as high quality of products when they join the rec market but so far so good for ten co!



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