Strain Review: Fruity Pebbles by Blackleaf

Fruity pebbles by @theblackleaf_la

Lineage/Genetics: Green Ribbon x Granddaddy Purple x Tahoe OG x Alien Kush

Original Breeder: Alien Genetics

Grower: Blackleaf

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Blackleaf Fruity Pebbles Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Saying that I was excited for this review is an understatement haha. I’m a huge fan of firstsmokeoftheday so getting anything grown by blackleaf is an honor. I was lucky enough to stumble across their podcast one day when it was playing in the background of a fellow stoners story. I could hear just from that 15 sec bit that the podcast would be super interesting and whoever the guys talking were sounded incredibly knowledgeable. It’s gotten immensely popular in a short amount of time for exactly that reason. I recently got a chance to try one of his Collabs with the puro company, a truffle wood.. it was amazing. When I saw some of his fruity pebbles was around, I didn’t think twice. From what I’ve read this is one of blackleafs most popular strains. Fruity pebbles also used to be one of my favorites when I was younger so I was curious to see what I thought of it now… have so many other things to say but need to get in to the flower let’s see if blackleaf is really the master of his craft we all think he is.

Smell: 9.3/10 GOSH DANG this shit STANK haha. Foreal tho this shit was bussssin out the bag. Straight funky musty stink. Don’t get me wrong can definitely smell some fruit in there. Like a deep raspberry terp. The rest was straight sour funk and kush. Had like an herbal spicy overtone that really took over. Had a little more of a fruity smell when it was opened up tho. Also had some kind of like minty smell to it. It was real light but added to the nice array of terps. These terps took me back to a dirty couch in my buddys basement with 8 dudes huddled around a bong talking about girls and smoking cigs while the other two play 2k haha no foreal tho these were some old school terps on steroids x100 haha. Amazing!

Bag appeal: 9.5/10 wow. Wow. Wow. Not that it doesn’t look good under the camera, but it just doesn’t do it justice. As soon as I pulled it out the bag under just sunlight my jaw dropped. Literally on another level. Very very sticky with a unique dark green color covered in that old school dark faded purple. Dripped resin like crazy no matter what I smoked it in… and as if I wasn’t impressed enough.. the high… idk what it is that blackleaf does different but HE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT! This shit got me way higher for way longer then mostly anything on the rec market right now. Definitely the strongest I’ve smoked in 2022. You instantly feel when that thick ass smoke hits ur brain that ur in for a ride. The one morning I smoked a very small blunt that was about half the size of the blunts I normally smoke at the same time of the day before work. Bro I smoked this shit and as soon as I got in to work and started walking around it hit me…. “Fuck I’m way to high right now” haha I legit felt like I was floating above the ground with each step I took. My body was super tingely/numb. I just felt super goofy and dumb too haha. Definitely a bud that loosens u up mentally and physically. Very good bud for when you just want to unwind and have a good time laughing with some buddies. This stuff would last forever too. Stay super high the whole time… I even fell asleep and woke up still high haha I never do that. Seemed like no matter how many times I smoked it, I’d get smacked each and every time haha. This shit should have a warning tag… heavy smokers only… may take inexperienced smoker to another dimension haha.

Overall: 9.6/10 it is not very common that a bud will not only meet my expectations, not only beat my expectations but DESTROY my expectations. I was expecting something really good but wow this made me rethink every thing haha. I used to always think the absolute best bud was in the rec shops…. Starting to think I was wrong. This bud has such a different look, smell, taste, smoke then anything I’ve had recently on the market and it completely crushes 95% of them. No shiny bags, no crazy names or gimmicks. Just the best genetics hard work and no short cuts. Absolutely loved this bud and 10000% encourage you to buy it if you get the chance. I can’t wait to try more from blackleaf and I’ll for sure be making the fruity pebbles one of my regulars for now on. Blackleaf killed this one! Absolutely covered in wild strangely dark orange hairs. The buds were medium to small sized but had very nice structure. Little pine trees. Now for the trichs…. This bud was caked from the stems to the tips of the leafs. Looked like a pine tree covered in snow under the sunlight and like a Christmas tree under the flashlight. Had a silky wet look to it. Almost looked gray from all the colors. Very defined trichs that look like they were handled with extreme care cause there isn’t a inch of that bud that isn’t covered. Idk how else to explain it but the trichs just had a different look then most bud. The bud in general did. Much more natural look. I had to of spun these buds around a million times looking at them they were so pretty.

Breakdown: 9.5/10 the cure on this bud is incredible. It was the very first thing I noticed about the bud. Crazy fresh and sticky. Can feel it peeling on and off each fingertip when u grab a bud to look at it. Very full dense buds but very squishy. Could give it a real big squeeze and it will slowly raise back up. Snaps apart very nicely tho and breaks into little sticky chunks. Your fingers will be very sticky by the end of breaking it up haha. I’ve never had bud that was so damn easy to roll. Just formed in to a perfect sticky blunt as soon as I put it in the paper. Love weed that rolls up like that. Couldn’t be happier with the cure and freshness of this bud!

Smoke: 9.5 oh baby oh baby get ready to get really freaking stoned haha. There’s no two ways about it, this is some straight mike Tyson one punch KO type shit. First off the taste is great. It’s not to overwhelming or anything. The smell is crazy strong so I was afraid this would have some funky sour taste. Not at all. It has more of that musky kushy earthy taste to it more then anything. Very heavy flavor. Slight berry flavor. It was definitely one of those smokes that actually tasted like it smelled. Didn’t just taste like smoke with a little bit of terps. Very full flavor. The joints and blunts couldn’t have burnt any nicer. Each one burnt perfectly even with white ash that makes everyone else’s ash look gray. And I’m not exaggerating. Real white ash!

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