Vape Review: Napalm OG Live Resin Diamonds Cart by Napalm Cannabis Co.

1g Napalm OG Live Resin Diamonds by Napalm Cannabis Co.

Lineage/Genetics: Tahoe Alien x Alien Kush

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Unknown

Processor: Napalm Cannabis Co.

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Napalm OG Live Resin Diamonds Cart Review

napalm og live resin diamonds cart by napalm cannabis co vape review by scubasteveoc 2This batch is testing at 77.92% THC & 81.86% Total Cannabinoids. Napalm OG is an Indica dominant Hybrid created by crossing Tahoe Alien x Alien Kush. This double whammy Alien child packs a punch of feel good effects and a super spicy flavor that will leaving you coughing. The Napalm OG drops itself on you just a few minutes after your first rip, exploding in your mind with good vibes and a feeling of happy relaxation. You’ll feel your spirits lift as any mental aches and pains are eased away, leaving you with an almost empty feeling of complete happiness. You’ll start to feel your body relax in this state, a feeling that can be slightly sedative at times. With effects like this, Napalm OG is often used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, effects of chemotherapy, nausea, chronic anxiety, stress and depression. In higher doses, it can help with insomnia. Napalm did a great job with this cart. The flavor & high are on point and has not let me down. I got to try Napalm’s Grenade which is 7g of flower and 1g of Live Resin. That was an experience. If your looking for a new cart to try, I definitely recommend Napalm.


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Check out more reviews by @scubasteveoc on Instagram! (

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