Strain Review: Harlequin by Cresco Labs

Today, we will be taking a look at the strain Harlequin, a Tier-1 flower option in Ohio that is currently being cultivated by Cresco Labs (and possibly others).

Lineage/Genetics: Colombian Gold x Nepali indica x Thai Landrace x Swiss Landrace

Original Breeder: NorStar Genetics

Grower: Cresco Labs

Harlequin Strain Review

Harlequin is a high-CBD sativa dominant hybrid displaying herbal (Myrcene), pine (Pinene), and peppery (Caryophyllene) aromas.

Harlequin is known to elicit clear-headed, alerta sativa effects, often with a cannabinoid profile of 1:1 CBD/THC. According to Leafly, patients reported the following:

  • 55% felt relaxed
  • 44% felt happy
  • 42% felt uplifted
  • 38% felt focused
  • 27% felt energetic

Additionally, patients reported the following symptomatic relief:

  • 46% said it helped with pain
  • 39% said it helped with stress
  • 38% said it helped with anxiety
  • 26% said it helped with depression
  • 20% said it helped with inflammation

Have you had a chance to try Harlequin, or do you prefer a different strain from Cresco Labs?
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