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Strain Review: Alien OG aka Tahoe Alien

ALIEN OG (Indica Dominant Hybrid) Tahoe OG Kush x Alien Kush Lineage/Genetics: Tahoe OG x Alien Kush Original Breeder: The Cali Connection Grower: DC Pharm

Alien OG Strain Review

alien og strain review by budfinderdc 2This batch of Alien OG (via @d.c.pharm pharm , thank you) was something else, and a really enjoyable smoke and high. Alien OG is a very appealing strain to the eye. Classically weed green in color with frosty trichomes throughout, it was the bright Orange pistils that make that strain look as fiery and potent as consumers hold it to be. Alien OG emits a piney, earthy, and mildly lemony-citrus odor, with a very comparable taste to match. This batch’s buds were surprisingly airy and light, making for soft and pretty grind. Alien OG hits very smooth on the draw, and its effects are noticeable within a matter of seconds. Melting from head to body, the high actually “absorbs” you into it, a relaxing, warming couch lock body high, with a noted head rush throughout. Known to be both high in THC and rich in a variety of terpenes, Alien OG boasts a potent variety of enriching effects, perfect for after work or when responsibilities are handled. #Budfinder • • • • #dcbud #dc420 #420 #dcweed #mdweed #stoner #marijuana #legalizedweed #dccannabisculture #strain #strainfinder #thc #dcgrown #dcgrowers #cannabisdaily #dccannabis #dcdabbers #dcedibles #puffpuffpass #dcnightlife #dmv420 #topshelf #devilslettuce #stoner #whiteashonly #cleanmeds
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Check out more reviews by @budfinderdc on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/budfinderdc)

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Check out more reviews by @budfinderdc on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/budfinderdc)

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