Strain Review: Forbidden Zkittlez by Ethos Genetics


Lineage/Genetics: Forbidden Fruit x Mendocino Royal x California Black Rose

Original Breeder: Ethos Genetics

Forbidden Zkittlez Strain Review

forbidden zkittlez by dark horse genetics strain review by _scarletts_strains_ 2Indica Dominant

💕It’s a gorgeous bud, bright colors such as vibrant purple with beautiful green.

💕It smelled amazing, almost fruity.

💕It’s good for small or moderate doses during the day to sooth your anxiety and still be productive without it tiring you out.

💕 Leaves you feeling relaxed and euphoric👌

It’s so good. I had this l strain quite some time ago, and it was such a great strain that I definitely will be buying again. I’ve been lowkey searching for it and hoping it comes back soon. 🙏

Lil recommendation, I had this strain in a blunt mixed with Pineapple Express and let me tell you that combo was bomb. I smoked half a blunt and it was shared, and the high i felt was as if i had smoked a whole blunt myself and it lasted a long time. That combination of those strains was so good. .
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