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Strain Review: Monte Sagrado by NextGen Pharma x Draco Rosa

The Monte Sagrado strain 🏞💜 Lineage/Genetics: Unknown high CBD indica Original Breeder: NextGen Pharma

Monte Sagrado Strain Review

monte sagrado by nextgen pharma strain review by _scarletts_strains_ 2CBDA: 13.9% THCA: 7.8% INDICA Mira yo amo este strain. It’s such a nice body and mental high. Its super soothing, calming strain. You are definitely in your right mind. Wow, I love this high, damn do i love this high. This strain is great for any time of the day, it may beindica but its not sedating or tiring unless very late in the night. This is such a lovely feeling. Fucking fantastic for anxiety, I was feeling a little nervous and this was just what I needed to help me focus on my uni work. Body pain super reduced, like a soothing wave of of relaxation. Absolutley wonderful for anxiety and stress, i would recomend for anyone. Monte Sagrado is a strain that reminds me of that chill feeling at the beach hearing the waves and for those who know me that is my happy place. . . . . . . . . . . . #weedblog #weedlife #weedporn #weedgirls #weed #marijuana #cannabispr #headintheclouds #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #cannabisculture #cannajeva #blazed #420community #ganjagal #bluntsmoke #passtheblunt #weedreview #strainoftheday #stainhunter
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