Strain Review: Ogiesel by TRU Infusion

Ogiesel (SFV OG x Giesel) from @truinfusion2.0

Lineage/Genetics: SFV OG x Giesel

Original Breeder: The Cali Connection

Grower: TRU Infusion

Dispensary: Level/Up Tempe

Ogiesel Strain Review

This was the second strain I got from my ftp at Level/Up Tempe and holy shit i’m glad I did. I thought the Orange Kush took the crown but i’d have to say this one has it beat..😳

The bag appeal on this is what you would expect from an OG, super dark green nugs with light orange hairs poking out. This bud was kind of too fresh to the point where I couldn’t really get solid hang time out of it for some reason because the buds themselves were extremely sticky. There’s definitely noticeable trichomes looking at the outside of the nugs but once you bust them open…its like you left these outside in the snow overnight❄️

As soon as I cracked the jar my nose got hit with a mike tyson uppercut of straight gassy musky terps🦨 Dankest strain i’ve smelt in a long time and noticed myself having a hard time removing my nose from the jar😂 Everything about this strain screams OG and it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for for the longest time.

The taste on this is on point. Super dank and gassy flavors every hit and 100% guaranteed lung punch while still being smooth as butter🧈
Now these effects are not for the faint of heart. This is a king kong hitting indica that reminded me of when I first started smoking because it left my body feeling almost numb and my head feeling extremely spacey😂 One of those highs where it has you just staring off into the distance for no damn reason😂 Definitely a night time strain that will help with insomnia and pain. If you love dank heavy hitting OGs then I HIGHLY recommend you try this one out⛽️

I love this strain so much and will 100% be picking this one up again. What’s your favorite @truinfusion2.0 strain?!🔥

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