Strain Review: Orange Kush by TRU Infusion

Orange Kush (Orange Bud x OG Kush) from @truinfusion2.0

Lineage/Genetics: Orange Bud x OG Kush

Original Breeder: Green Devil Genetics

Grower: TRU Infusion

Dispensary: Level/Up Tempe

Orange Kush Strain Review

Stopped at Level/Up Tempe (not sure if they have an instagram) for my ftp and snagged 2 tru jars since it wasn’t a bogo only 20% of the entire order.

The bag appeal on this is a 10 I just love the dark purples and greens and then the dark brown hairs to accompany it. Super frosty and these nugs were literal rocks..most dense stuff i’ve had in a minute. Made it kinda hard to get that hang time but still managed😂

Now the smell on this is straight mouthwatering. One of the terpiest strains i’ve had in a long time, smells like if you had an orange peel and put a little drop of gas on it⛽️🍊Had my nose stuck to the jar all afternoon, if they made a candle that smelled like this id probably have 8 of them😂
The taste is hands down the best flavor out of the 7 truinfusion stains i’ve tried. Absolutely perfect balance of orange to og, you get that og flavor and punch on the inhale then get hit with that orange flavor on the exhale.🍊This strains definitely a lip smacker🤤

The effects take place almost instantly after the exhale, went straight to my head and left me feeling very euphoric and extremely up beat! Love the energy this strain gives you, clears your mind to the absolute fullest and blocks out any and all negative thoughts you might be having! Highly recommend this strain for stress and anxiety. This strain also last quite a long time. I have a pretty high tolerance so being able to still feel the effects after about an hr is quite impressive to me.

But what’s unique about this strain to me is that it’s actually a true hybrid. Most strains nowadays just get labeled hybrids and sometimes you either only feel the sativa side or the indica side. But with this strain it was literally 50/50. Gets you that perfect upbeat euphoric feeling then halfway in you start to feel the effects slowly creep behind your eyes and melts down your whole body leaving you extremely relaxed😴 which is why in my opinion this is one the best balanced hybrids i’ve ever smoked. I highly encourage everyone to try this one out, even if you don’t like orange terps, I bet you’ll like the og side of this strain for sure😤

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