Strain Review: Legend OG by KNBIS

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Strain- Legend OG

Lineage/Genetics – OG Kush X Unknown Strain.

Original Breeder – KNBIS

Grower: KNBIS

Terpene Profile: Unknown

In-House Dispensary – FWB North Hollywood @fwb.noho
I will tell you one thing I love anything with an OG on it. Because you know this is going to be reeking, stinky and pure Diesel coming from it and even without it being open I could smell it. You know you got yourself a good strain with the aroma is just catching your nostrils. Is this a heavy indica yes it is and it’s recommend for experience users because if your a beginner this will give some massive anxiety that your not prepared to handle. Now on to us who love OG this will leave you couch locked, red eyes, major munchies and out of world sensation that will slowly creep from the feet to the head, along with the heavy ness on the head and the eyes feeling that pulsating effects. Duration will last around 1 hour with the Onset slowly going in and then might make you take a weed nap. Keep this for the night time and if you smoke in the morning you should feel it. But its heavy . @puremedicinalmarijuanagenetics you hit this legend OG with some amazing nutrients. Burnz smooth, properly flush, and grown with some love.

Flavors: Citrus, Fruity,Sweet
Effects: Hungry, Relaxing.

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Check out more reviews and content by @stoneybearreviews on Instagram! (

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