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Strain Review: Waffle Cone by Lolo Cannabis

Brand- @lolo.cannabis Strain – Waffle Cone Lineage/Genetics – Jet Fuel Gelato x Dosilato Original Breeder – Compound Genetics Grower: Lolo Dispensary pickup: Exhalence @exhalencelosangeles

Lolo Waffle Cone Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

… What happens when you get big nugs they break apart to become smalls. I love brands who give this option to us consumer’s who enjoy those reasonable prices and we can just packed it and smoke it up and don’t give a care about what’s left over. Because we will roll or smoke it up. .. Effects: Body High,Cerebral, Euphoria,Relaxing, Uplifting … Flavors:Berry,Cherry,Creamy .. Flower ranges: buds are dense and lumpy with mint green foliage that appears gold in the sunlight.
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Check out more reviews and content by @stoneybearreviews on Instagram! (

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