Strain Review: Pop Rockz by HOTBOX

Brand – @smokehotbox @tophatdistro

Strain- PopRockz

Lineage/Genetics – Unknown

Original Breeder – Unknown

Grower – HOTBOX

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Pop Rockz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

What can you expect from @smokehotbox , now I have try this flavor about 2 Years or so ago and they were coming with a glass jar and some nice packaging and now on too 2022 we now have mylar bags, Now I’m not going to go into details regarding there new packing maybe to save some dinero, but besides this you can still expect the same flavor being cultivate by there team. Let’s move onto the pop rockz which a indica leading type of flower, which means prepared for some deep sedation that starts from the head to the feet and even feel it hitting your eyes to the redness, go to the mirror and see yourself and you will have that out of body experience asking yourself how high am I 😁.

When you first open the bag you get hit immediately with that nice gassy aroma with some sweetness to some pungent aroma as well. The colors range from some nice orange hairs to some green hues and then covered completely in Trichomes. Confirm the stickyness and this was package a few months back which is amazing meaning that @svc_11000

Put it somewhere where it would now dry or become useless. It had the effects the smell to me that matters because we know if it doesn’t have smell or it just dry you won’t feel anything at all.
Onset: Slowly and Creeping.
Duration: High till you passed out.
Effects – Sedation,Head High,Redness of Eyes, Munchies.

(HOTBOX’s Pop Rockz: An unusual indica that relaxes while boosting your mood for creative pursuits. True to its name, its scent is sweet and fruity. Produces a head high that makes time fly.)

Highly Recommend Brand:
Pricing for there flower its about Fifty Dollars or even less check your dispensary.



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