Strain Review: Chillato by Green Dragon California

Brand- @greendragonnh @greendragonnoho

Strain- Chillato

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Green Dragon California

Terpene Profile: Unknown

In-House Dispensary: Green Dragon NoHo @greendragonnh

Chillato Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Really if you been around you should know who Green Dragon Caregivers are. They been around since the Pre- ICO days and the most amazing thing they started out on a main street in North Hollywood ( Sherman Way) and I still remember back when they would let you cut a clone and either take it with you or let them grow it. Shit I was I knew how to grow back in the day but that’s a different story.
Let’s get down to the main start of this Reel there
Chillato strain and there Cut of a Gelato and rest assure this will bring deep europhia, out of world experience, and some crazy laughing effects also. The Inhale and Exhale is what you expect a smooth and clean smoke no coughing attacks, onset is quickly and duration is about one hour. Before you spark other one.

The Chillato experience is right in its name. Before inhaling this creamy Gelato cut, you’ll probably want to double-check what the rest of your day looks like. You may quickly be met with deep relaxation, making it an ideal post-work go-to. While Chillato leans heavily indica, for experienced users, this strain might not leave you on the couch dreaming, but rather ready for some chill activities.

The exceptionally dense buds lean prominently dark purple, with moss-like patches throughout, as well as dashes of orange hairs. While many strain names have no correlation to its look or effects, Chillato certainly does. Aloft the layers of purple, green, and orange lies an impressive sheet of kief, visually confirming its nearly 30% THC potency.



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