Strain Review: Frozen Grapes by GROWN4

Frozen Grapes (GrapeGod x GrapeStomperOG x BananaSplit) @grown4_

Lineage/Genetics: Grape God x Grape Stomper OG x Banana Split

Original Breeder: Gus’ Unique Selections

Grower: GROWN4

Frozen Grapes Strain Review

Looking for a new grower to try without paying that $50 an eighth price? Then you definitely need to check out GROWN4. They just recently got their flower onto our dispensary shelves and so far it’s already outshining a lot of other growers. Bag appeal, smell, effects, everything you’re looking for in quality meds this company is on top of.

First impressions of opening the pack was my jaw dropping from the appearance of this bud. Insane amount of trichome production on every nug and an even crazier amount of orange hairs. I don’t know about anyone else but i’m a huge fan of buds with crazy hair production, it just brings that bag appeal up 10 notches. Not to mention this bud came out the package almost as one nug so i don’t even have to explain that part i’ll let the bud do the talking on that part👈🏽

The smell on this isn’t too overwhelming which I understand considering it’s definitely on the fruitier side of strains with that grape stomper and banana split lineage but that grape smell for sure comes through. The flavor I got from this was a mix of subtle earthy and woody flavor but very minimal grape. I still enjoyed it however due to how fresh this flower is.

This is a hybrid indica but does not seem to slump me like which I actually enjoy. This is a very good strain to smoke any time of the day in my opinion because its a very clean headed high and I mean clean as well as mellows out your entire body leaving you content as can be. This high just hits different for me and has all the characteristics of top shelf meds. Definitely keep an eye out for these guys as to they’re great people and put passion into their work and it shows💯

Thank you @grown4_ for producing that heat, they’re just getting started so I am extremely excited to see what they got hitting the shelves next!🤩 You already know i’ll be getting every strain😎 If you haven’t already checked out @grown4_ then you’re straight snoozin😴

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