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Strain Review: Mac Stomper by Rosebud Growers

Mac Stomper Lineage/Genetics: (Grape Stomper OG x Mac1) Grown by: Rosebud Growers @rosebudgrowers.pdx Bred by: Capulator @guesswhosbackulator ✨ Terpene Profile: Unknown

Mac Stomper Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Mac Stomper has phenomenal bag appeal. Its hulking, colossal nugs are dense and rounded in terms of mass/shape. The coloration of the buds themselves is emerald green with a thin outer layer of black-purple leafage and small collections of bronze pistils that wrap tightly into the surface. It’s hard to make out the features under a heavy dusting of resplendent trichomes that glisten in the light 😍 The smell of the Mac Stomper is fragrant and sensational. Opening a jar releases a potent aroma of sour lemony citrus and freshly squeezed grape juice. Closer examination reveals soft layers of spiced berries, herbs, and floral grassiness supporting the overarching grape and lemon profile. The citrus side of the presentation is sharp and funky with a lasting scent that hangs around the nostrils. Breaking down the flower releases vibrant notes of grape and herbaceous spice 🍋 The flavor on the Mac Stomper is extraordinary. It’s a fruity and full flavored grape profile with undercurrents of berries, lemon, and nutmeg. The berry notes are stronger on the inhale, pairing with the grape elegantly. The exhale, on the other hand, is more remarkable for a succulent citrus tang. The aftertaste is mostly muffled grape and berries that fades to an herbal grassy flavor 🍇 The high on the Mac Stomper is significant. It provides an uplifting cognitive effect and general feeling of euphoria. It gives me moderate body feels and couch lock, while still being a functional strain overall. The cultivar is dry on the outside but increasingly sticky as it’s broken into. It produces a moderate to heavy amount of fine kief when ground up and leaves sticky resin on the fingertips after handling. The cultivar smokes perfectly and smoothly all the way down 😶‍🌫️ All in all, the Mac Stomper is fantastic. It checks all the boxes quite fluently. It’s a delightfully gorgeous flower that smells and tastes wonderful, and hits hard to boot. I’ve had almost everything that Rosebud has put out at this point and I would describe their stable of cultivars as distinct, focused, and extremely high-quality 🔥
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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