Strain Review: Commando by King Klone

Commando 💂🏿🎖

Lineage/Genetics: (Triple SecCapns Frozen Lemons-CFL)

Original Breeder: Capulator

Grower: King Klone

Dispensary: CA Collective

Commando Strain Review

bred by @capulator
grown @kingklonebrand
@spitta_andretti 🎵
28.51% THC
32.10% Total Cannabinoids
🎖Commando is a cross ,from @_capulator , of “Triple Sec” a strain with citrusy candied orange and lemon, pine cleaner kushy terps and “Capns Frosted Lemons” ,that brings more candied lemon, fruity shaved ice and sour citrusy haze terps. The result is Commando, a dense and sticky strain heavy with trichomes that give off a fruity citrus notes with strong floral and piney earthy undertones. The “pine cleaner” terps from the triple sec seeps through the citrus notes and adds nice heady kick to the effects.
💂🏿The flavors that come out when piffinf are a unique mix. You taste strong hazey lemon notes with a slight hint of oranges blended with pine cleaner. Earthy undertones mix with the pine cleaner terps to create a subtle menthol effect underneath the citrus notes. The smoke is thick and potent and provides a nice heady kick.
💯The nugs are mostly dark green with some olive and smokey green accents, there are some lighter hues of trendy and sping green and even some yellow developing closer to the stem. Heavily coated with trichomes that give this flower an emerald like glow while contrasting tan and orange pistils make sure they aren’t overlooked.
🔥The high for this as unique as its terps at first it feels like your getting ready for a sativa dominant high. From the first few puffs I felt a nice boost of energy build up in my mind and slowly dissipate throughout my body making me feel a little restless and talkative to get the energy flowing. Your mind slows down while your body gets a nice relieving uplifted sensation that lasts for a long time. A great strain for anytime you need a quick pick me up or something to take the edge off a little bit.

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