Strain Review: Blackberry Ice Cream by Peak Humboldt

BlackBerry Ice Cream 🍇🍒🍦

Lineage/Genetics: AfghaniKashmir HashplantGods GiftBubba Kush

Original Breeder: PEAK Humboldt

Grower: Emerald Canyon

Dispensary: CA Collective

Blackberry Ice Cream Strain Review

Indica Dominant Hybrid
21.06 THC
🍇The aroma is lighter than expected but amazing with dominant notes of vanilla ice cream with fuel forward berry hints layered just underneath. The flavor is like the aroma but with a slight more kushy presence, you can expect to taste some light vanilla notes with a earthy base and hints of berries
🍦First things first these genetics are crazy and a perfect mix. Vivid nugs with hues of green and a strong presence of light dusty orange pistils with some having a darker burnt orange color. The outer leaves develop a slightly darker green than the compact leaves. The nugs are medium in size with a few on the smaller side. When you break them down theres a nice crispness to them but also they were slightly drier than I expected, if there was a thin line id say a few cenimeters on the drier side just to express how insignificant the difference was. Almost forgot to mention how the trichomes pop and add a nice shine when light bounces off.
💨The high for this strain was a slow creeper. Its really smooth on your throat but had a nice pungent kick on the backend that really helps your mind find some calmness and clarity. Over time, strong indica effects take over your body, giving you that heavy feeling in your limbs that often leads to couchlocked session of munchies followed by a nap. Great for managing insomnia and stress.

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