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Strain Review: Gelato Pie by King Klone

Gelato Pie 🍦🥧 . Lineage/Genetics: (Cherry PieGelato) Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: King Klone Dispensary: CA Collective

Gelato Pie Strain Review

Indica Dominant Hybrid BluStrain🔹/⭕️Red Bottom Product Line . 23.82% THC 25.81% Total Cannabinoids hrv 4/8 mfg 5/22 . (grow – @kingklonebrand @lbsdistribution @cosmicdistribution @cacollectivesj @spitta_andretti – Intro (financial district)🔈 . 🍦The flower to the touch is sticky and moist. When breaking down theres a soft, light and grainy integrity with kushy structure. The leaves have mixed blend of hues of forest and lime green and deep purple. The darker purple and forest gree ln hues fight for dominance at the tips of the leaves getting lighter in color with a pale yellow and spring tinge as you get closer to the stem . The trichomes make it as if the flower was dipped in sugary glitter whe the pistils are short with a boldvburnt orange color. . 🥧The aroma is very pungent , reminds me of what cherry ice cream or a pie with ice cream on the side would taste like. Immediately you get sweet pastry vibes accompanied by fresh pine, cherries and grapes, hint of sour limes with sharp fuel and invigorating creamy dankness. . 🔥Potent flavors of menthol/fuel infused with grapes and cherries, blended with a creamy earthy flavors. . 💯Slow burning, with a consistent taste to the end. A smooth first puff induces some initially head strong effects. First the effects were mind calming but my senses heightened. About half way through my eyes felt low as I started to get a floaty mind. Overtime I began feeling heaviness in my chest as it slowly dropped to my knees and feet, aches and pains started to dissapate. Every hit seemingly increased the high in some way, I felt the high in waves of intensity like a pulse in my sinus and chest just before the end of the blunt. At the end of the blunt my initial feelings of creativy, upliftedness, and motivation turned into a slow, ,relaxing, lagging, stuck, couchlocking daze.
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