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Strain Review: Z41 by SF Canna

Z41 🍬🍨

Lineage/Genetics: (zkittlez x gelato 41)

Original Breeder: Cali Kush Farms

Grower: SF Canna x Alien Organics

Z41 Strain Review

🍨Colorful purple and green nugs with the deep dark purple dominanting and reminding me of forbidden fruit nugs.
Dusty brown tinged sugary trichomes blanketing the nugs. The pistils are a bold and orange but get a little overtaken by the other developments in the flower.
🍬When you break it down its sticky to the touch with a resinous residue left on your finger tips. Creamy Gelato terps dominate the aroma of this strain with fruity potent notes of zkittles finding life here and there.
💯Strong body and mind indica high, a great night time smoke because it quickly relieves aches and pains as you find a sense of calmness in your mind you’ll find sleep snuck you like a sucker punch.

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