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Edible Review: Peach Rings by Mystic Hand Melts

Peach Rings Brand: Mystic Hand Melts Dispensary: Dynasty Collective

Mystic Hand Melts Peach Rings Review

By @mystic.hand.melts Gifted by @dynastycollective_ @dynasty_south12 these are really nicely done, they have a nice sugary peach aroma with a tad bit of a hashy/weed like flavor snd tasted similar as well, I took 2 another time and they didn’t really smack like I thought they would since its supposed to be roughly 150 mg a ring, maybe I got some that weren’t proportioned right but anyways this time I decided to take 4 on an empty stomach for my morning buzz for the airplane ride. By the time I got through security I could feel the warmth in my body as I started to slightly sweat as my head became like a ballon waiting for the shuttle train, this is all just in a matter of 45 minutes, I reach my terminal and find a seat, the buzz seems very clean and clear deffinetly a noticeable difference when compared to distillate or even trim and small bud edibles, they call for boarding to begin, I stand up and feel my legs turn to rubber and in my head i went whoa, I should have expected that when an escalator made me off balance, those damn escalotors(shakes fist at) haha. Well now I’m in my seat, my eyes start to get heavy and burn slightly, lets see where time takes me. After about 15 minutes of take off I am out like a light and awoke about an hour into the flight to the captain announcing we were beggining to decend to our destination at my layover in Illinois, I stood up to offload , the heaviness in my legs subsided and had a little bit of floatiness, my body felt relaxed but i felt for how many mg its supposed i should be struggling to function off 4, overall these smacked hard at first but seemed to fizzle out after 3 to 4 hours, they were good but one was supposed to be roughly 150 mg. I should be able to take one and be good for hours the product was just very hit and miss with having to eat four just to feel it smack and i felt it should have lasted a little longer than it did, I probably would not get these again just because they were so hit and miss, i also have the skittles that i will be reviewing at a later time.
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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (

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