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Strain Review: Mister Sunday by Pure Beauty

Mister Sunday 👨🏿‍🚀 Review *latepost Lineage/Genetics: ?( Sundae Driver ❎ Mr. Nice)? Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Pure Beauty Dispensary: Canna Culture

Mister Sunday Strain Review

Premium Indica Dominant Cannabis Flower . 23.93% THC 0.35% CBD 29.5% Total Cannabinoids 1.76% Total Terpenes -(.42% caryophyllene, 35% limonene, 0.23% nerolidol) . @purebeautypurebeauty @cannaculturesanjose . 🔥Electric orange pistils gather in long, hairy clusters through the forest green nugs with hues of greenish yellow and deep daek green outer leaves. Sugary white trichomes coat the dense and sticky nugs. As you break down the flower, the weihht seems is lighter and the leaves easily flake off the stem keeping a good structure and not turning into dust. . 🌅Super relaxing high. You feel it heavily in your body as it weighs down your limbs slowly locking you into your seat. In your mind stress and negativity is cut to a minimum and you really find yourself having an optimistic and accepting nature. Great for anytime especially days where you want to unwind and relax but still be awake to watch the sunset. A potent and smooth herbal smoke with a sweeter spice like mix . . 🥦Earthy and spice aroma with sweet almond notes And pine hints. The flavor on the inhale is heavily earthy with a strong note of sweet almond and the exhale really brings out pine hints. You can taste a mix of oregano clove and cinnamon deep within the layers of the flavors and aromas.
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