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Strain Review: Melonade by JahFrenchKush

Melonade 🌲🌎🍋🍈⛽️ Lineage/Genetics: Tha Melon (mother) X JFK’s OG Kush (father/breeding tool) Original Breeder: Karma Genetics x JahFrenchKush Grower: JahFrenchKush

JahFrenchKush Melonade Strain Review

Bred & grown by @jahfrenchkush using @karmagenetics selection. This batch has a 3 month cure & has been flowered for 7-8 weeks. Oooowwweeee fam ! Some Karma genetics material worked by JFK sounds like pure madness to my ears & palate. Come on look at that 4g nug that could sit in an OG Kush museum. Opening the jar, I’m instantly pleased with loud & mouthwatering earthy lime, sandalwood, , sweet gas, where some sweet & delicate melon undertones are appearing. Feeling like a natural evolution of the Biker Kush/OG aromatic profile, I love this ! True to OG roots while still being refreshing ! The grind reveals a perfect blend of melon & lemony OG terps 🤤 Taste is incredible in the vapes, all the aromatic elements from the nose translates perfectly to the taste, it’s a pure OG symphony without any flaws I’m blown away ! As I start inhaling through my vaporizer stem I’m hit halfway through by that unique tongue tingling sensation that you only get from high terpenes contents/high grade OG Kush batch ! It’s probably the strongest in that regard 😍 There’s not a single element overpowering another, they all compliment each other so you can taste them all in a luxury taste manner 🤤 The earth, the lime/lemon, the melon, the wood, the sweet gas/lavender all available for your tastebuds ! I recommend using a powerful convection vaporizer to best enjoy them. Believe me it’s one of the best tasting OG i had. Really happy to see that the melon terp stays in & not being overpowered by the classic OG funk. The vibrant zesty earthy lime meets that fresh, subtle melon terps offering a perfect blend, not to be confused with a Watermelon/Zkittlez kinda way. The effects are as delightful as the flavours : instant head rush, euphoric eye opener, that signal/ feeling when you know you’re in for a ride 🤪 then some heaviness settles in, leaving you dreamy, inspired for hours on end. I am always digging this full spectrum effect from great Kush cultivars. This one is also very potent. This Melonade checks all the boxes for me. Can’t wait for the next batch that should have a 10 weeks flowering 😍🔥 Shout out to JFK again for providing one of the best french grown OG Kush example I ever had. Kush rules everything around me 🌎🍋⛽️🔥
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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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