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Strain Review: Tropaya Punch F2 by Holyterps Garden

Tropaya Punch F2 🍓🫐🍬⛽️ Lineage/Genetics: Tropaya Punch originally bred by: Oni Seed Co @oniseedco & Taken to F2 by: Damsemeur2Seeds @damsemeur2seeds. Batch grown by the bro: Holyterps garden @holyterpsgarden. Terpene Profile: Unknown

Tropaya Punch F2 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

– – Nose : right off the jar I’m hit by a round & deep strawberry/papaya terp immediately followed by some sort of a mineral layer that acts as a really nice contrast to the fruity tones. That mineral layer is composed of a sulphury & chlorine tones but they’re absolutely not overpowering actually they can be interpreted as an artificial sugary icing like on candies. All in all the nose from this strain is reminding me a lot of the Slurricane dominant cross from InHouse. Another good point for me is the limonene/Tangie terp being completely absent from the profile as I was fearing it from looking up at the lineage. Vapour/smoke : this is where the magic happens. You get all that round strawberry terp delivered to your tastebuds but the mineral layer I was describing before turns into an almost gassy/sour feeling reminding me of an OG/SourD influence. You get that sweet myrcene gas blending with the forest fruit/berry terps it’s perfect for me. The taste transfer is really great on both vapour & smoke. The vape having just a lil advantage on the first low temp puff to experience the complex forest fruit gas. High : pretty balanced hybrid maybe a tad leaning on the indica/relaxing side of things, average strength nothing overpowering but still plenty satisfying. I call that the perfect functional stone allowing you to enjoy a nice tasty sesh no matter the time of the day. Not being a fan of those type of lineage I must reckon that this Tropaya Punch F2 is a really great surprise for me. The Papaya element in the cross must be the reason why it’s so special cause I never had that strain before but heard lot of good things about it. @damsemeur2seeds did an amazing job with this F2 breeding project & I am already looking forward to the next batch from the bro @holyterpsgarden. – – #oniseed #tropayapunch #papaya #purplepunch #strainreview #420 #cannabiscommunity
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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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