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Strain Review: Pinky’s by Holyterps Garden

Pinky’s 🌷🌸🌲🍋🧼 Lineage/Genetics: (Pink Panties x Dank Sherbet) Original Breeder: 🧬 Dank Genetics @dankgenetics_ 🇬🇧 Grower🧑‍🌾: Holyterps Garden @holyterpsgarden Terpene Profile: Unknown 🔌 @fruitsandresins

Pinky’s Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Look : green olive tones, military camo like, sharp calyxes, blue & pink hues Nose : opening the jar presents a loud f fresh/watery aromatic texture. It starts with deep & sweet piney notes soaked in rose water & finishing on a delicate soap aroma. Woow i must reckon this profile is very unique. There’s hints of Sour Apple/C99 but It’s still very distinct. It also remind me of some rare OG phenotypes the ones that are pure piney lemon/pear without any gas nor earthy notes. I never had Pink Panties on it’s own so it’s hard for me to say but I guess this is her terp profile. If you’re familiar with the Pink Panties please holla at me 🤪🙏💚. After a few weeks spent curing in the jar, the terp profile has evolved to a more kushy soap terps with that signature sandalwood/lemony notes. The pungent sweet rose/lychee aromas are now completely blended in the OG spectrum resulting in a delicious cocktail 🤤. The blend is especially remarkable when grinding or breaking a nug apart, leaving that nose tingling oily residue on your fingers. Taste : the taste transfer is crazy, you’re able to experience all those elements from the nose with your tastebuds. The first few joints/vape sesh were pure piney rose water & soap. The taste was str8 rose Lassi from your local Indian food spot (if you know you know 🤪). The curing brought a more complex OG kush terp to the table like I was saying above while still retaining those rare sweet floral notes. The attack is that rose terp joined instantly by the OG soap that lingers on your palate. It’s the perfect « after dinner/dessert » & fits even more that rose Lassi comparison. High : warm physical blanket, slowed speech, focus, highly relaxing & anxiety killing, great evening/night cap but not overwhelming in any sense. Conclusion : I fell in love with this strain since the first gram sample I had a few months prior to this review I knew there was something special going on. This new batch just confirmed it all. From the name to the esthetics, from the organoleptic to the effects, everything is pointing to that pink/rose synergy. I’m all about this cannabis sensorium/semantics. pinky's by holyterps garden strain review by jeanroulin_420 #strainreview #strainreviews #cannabiscommunity #420 #dankgenetics #pinkpanties #danksherb #terpenes
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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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