Cultivar Review: Sunset Sherbert by Resin Ranchers

Sunset Sherbert

Lineage/Genetics: (GSC x Pink Panties)

Grown by: Resin Ranchers @resin_ranchers.pdx

Bred by: SHERBINSKIS @sherbinski415 ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Resin Ranchers Sunset Sherbert Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

sunset sherbert by resin ranchers strian review by pnw_chronic 2The Sunset Sherbert has great bag appeal. The dense, medium-sized nugs are rounded with smaller nodules all over the surface. The flower is mostly black from a profuse outer layer of purple leafage, but some buds have a more variegated green and purple appearance which generates a gorgeous contrast when combined with honey orange pistils and trichome coverage. The trichomes dot every surface of the flower and sparkle under the light with massive resin glands 🤩

The smell on the Sunset Sherbert is absurdly good. It has a tangy, sugary sweet candy aroma that assaults the nostrils with bold terpenes. The cultivar has tangible tones of citrus, berries, and earthiness that support, but, overall, the cloyingly sweet candy profile just dominates everything. Breaking the flower open reveals an even stronger sugary sweet candy smell, while the ground product smells sweet, tangy, doughy, and gassy, with a zesty, mildly spiced quality that tinges the nose on every sniff 🍬

The flavor on the Sunset Sherb is deliciously indulgent. It’s so sweet and sugary with a tangy citrus zest that stimulates the taste buds on every hit. It also has layers of fruity berries, warm dough, and bitter chocolate earthiness that add depth and elevate the profile. The presentation has a pungent doughy and skunky gas quality that is more conspicuous the further down the joint burns. All in all, the flavor is so toothsome, tempting, and just absolutely wonderful 🤤

The effect on the Sunset Sherbert is congenial and satisfying. It’s characterized by a rapid onset of tactile head pressure, an instant feeling of euphoria, and a slight easing of anxiety. It produces some faint body feels, but I found the high to be fairly functional. The flower is sticky when broken into, and produces soft, fine flower and a minor amount of kief when ground. It burns perfectly and smoothly all the way down 😶‍🌫️

All in all, I highly enjoyed the Sunset Sherbert from Resin Ranchers. It smashes all of the boxes easily, while also being exactly what I want in terms of an experience with the cultivar. Phenomenal work all around 🔥



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