MJ Unpacked 2022 to feature Pitch Competition and Clio Cannabis Awards

Join The Highest Critic in Las Vegas, NV for MJ Unpacked 2022. MJ Unpacked is one of the upcoming cannabis conferences that will be hitting The Strip in Las Vegas, NV. This event is interesting in that it only allows Manager level and above employees from established cannabis companies to attend. If you’re a license applicant, you can still attend by showing your application.

MJ Unpacked 2022 Pitch Competition

On September 28th, 2022 – MJ Unpacked’s Money Stage will feature a Pitch Competition where hopeful startups will compete for a $5000 MJ Unpacked Pitch Reward. They will also be pitching to a panel of venture capitalists and an audience of accredited investors. Given the work that MJ Unpacked is doing to make sure that only movers and shakers are present – this seems like a can’t miss look at the bleeding edge of cannabis.

2022 Clio Cannabis Awards

The Clio Cannabis Awards show will take place on the evening of September 29, 2022. They’ll be celebrating and rewarding the best in Cannabis Marketing. Tickets are $125 and the event will include “passed appetizers” – very sanitary.

MJ Unpacked 2022 Speaker List

As of August 18, 2022 the speaker list for MJ Unpacked 2022 is as follows:

Bohb Blair, CMO, Jones Soda

Dre Neumann, Chief Creative Director, Jushi

Hope Wiseman, CEO, Mary & Main

Kika Keith, Owner, Gorilla Rx Wellness Co.

Liz Stahura, Co-Founder & COO, BDSA

Maha Haq, Director of Retail Strategy, Green Thumb Industries

Matt Darin, CEO, Curaleaf

Megan Klein, Founder & CEO, Little Saints

Melanie Davis, COO of The People’s Ecosystem, Founder of The People’s DAO, & CEO and Founder of The People’s Dispensary and Smoke Out

Mike Hennesy, VP of Innovation, Wana Brands

Ryan Brown, CEO, Groundworks Industries

Sheri Orlowitz, Founding Partner, Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation

Tahir Johnson, CEO, Simply Pure & Director of Social Equity & Inclusion, Marijuana Policy Project

Tyneeha Rivers, Chief People Officer, Curaleaf

Join The Highest Critic in Las Vegas for MJ Unpacked 2022!

More information can be found in the latest MJ Unpacked press release.

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