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Dab Review: Honey Cakes Hash Rosin by Archive Portland

Honey Cakes Lineage/Genetics: (Honey Bananas x Jungle Cake) Processed by: Archive Portland @archiveoregon2.0 @dammit__bobby_ ✨ Terpene Profile: Unknown

Honey Cakes Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

honey cakes hash rosin by archive portland dab review by pnw_chronicThe Honey Cakes is an incredible butter-yellow 149-90u hash rosin. Its an opaque batter with a firm viscosity, a dough-like consistency and a smooth texture that appears wet from a fine shroud of glistening terpenes. The concentrate is cohesive, but not overly sticky, making it simple to separate out a desired amount of concentrate from the jar. Altogether, this is a strikingly beautiful rosin 😍 The smell on the Honey Cakes is breathtaking. Opening a jar unleashes a loud fruity and sweet aroma that floods the nostrils with notes of strawberry, banana, sugary candy, cream, and nuttiness. The concentrate has a palpable aerated zing that tinges the nostrils and unites the profile together under one effervescent fragrance. It’s a fresh, aromatic, and layered presentation that inundates and delights the senses 🍯 The flavor translates expertly from the nose, meaning its superb. One dab of the rosin immediately floods the user with a wave of sugary and honied banana supported by a swell of fizzy strawberry. The flavor is mouthwatering with substantial layers of succulent fruit and sweetened candy, but it also has notes of sweet cream, berries, and lightly spiced nuttiness that add to the overall depth of the presentation. The taste is incredibly authentic and precise in its execution 🍌 The effect on the Honey Cakes is exceptional. It produces a feel good head high with faint cranial pressure and light body relief. It’s a functional high that’s strikes quickly, creating a feeling of satisfaction and euphoria in the user. The concentrate burns average in terms of cleanliness for a 149-90u hash rosin. Its remarkably smooth, making it an exceedingly enjoyable dabbing experience 😶‍🌫️ All in all, the Honey Cakes is a phenomenal hash rosin. It checks the boxes for effect and appearance easily, but where it really breaks out of the box is in its nose and taste. The terps on display are just so vibrant that they overwhelm the consumer with fragrance and flavor. This is my first concentrate from Archive, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be checking out more in the future 🔥
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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