Cultivar Review: Runtz x Horchata by Eastwood Gardens

Runtz x Horchata by @eastwood_portland bred by @wyeast_farms2 ✨

Lineage/Genetics: Runtz x Horchata

Original Breeder: WyEast Farms

Grower: Eastwood Gardens

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Runtz x Horchata Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

runtz x horchata by eastwood gardens strain review by pnw_chronic 2The RxH has magnificent bag appeal. It’s characterized by big, puffy nugs with a jaw-dropping variegation of luscious purples and greens. The dark purple and black coloration is more pronounced than the lighter green leafage, with pastel-orange pistils and formidable trichrome frosting completing the exotic visual. Breaking open buds reveals more intense purple coloration and an abundance shimmering, wet-looking trichomes 🤩

RxH has a highly aromatic and beguiling nose. The primary profile is comparable to sugary sweet candy soaked with kerosene. The gassiness is so sharp and acrid, but it seems to feed into the sweet side of the profile, creating a caramelized sugary aroma that reminds me of the bottom of a bag of sour patch kids. The profile also has layers of fruity citrus and creaminess, as well as a minor herbal note, that enhances and elevates the overall candied profile. It’s thoroughly titillating and tantalizing 🍬

The flavor on RxH is phenomenal. Like with the nose, the primary profile is a cloyingly sweet candied flavor with notes of light fruitiness and dulcet, airy, cream. It also has smaller herbal and earthy notes that show up more in the aftertaste. The flavor has a light air of petrol gassiness to it that oozes over the profile and seeps in as the joint burns. All in all, the cultivar provides a mouthwateringly sweet and toothsome flavor that is impossible not to like 🤤

The effect on the RxH is satisfying. It’s a smooth, functional high that is comfortable and feels great in both the head and body without too much heaviness. The flower is dense, despite appearing fluffy. It’s sticky to the touch, becomes even stickier when being broken down by hand, and creates a minor, almost negligible amount of kief when ground. The flower burns smoothly, flawlessly, and flavorfully all the way down 😶‍🌫️

Overall, the RxH is a special cultivar. It smashes all of the criteria for a top-shelf strain easily, while providing a profile that is unique and incredibly desirable. I just loved every puff on this flower. Extraordinary work from @eastwood_portland and @wyeast_farms2 🔥

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