Dab Review: Sumo Oranges Hash Rosin by Happy Cabbage

Sumo Oranges

Lineage/Genetics: (GMO x Orange Tree)

Original Breeder: Unknown

Processed by: Happy Cabbage @happycabbage.or

Grown by: Gadsden Gardens @gadsdengardens ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Sumo Oranges Hash Rosin Review

sumo oranges hash rosin by happy cabbage dab review by pnw_chronicSumo Oranges is a spectacular pale-blonde hash rosin. It’s an opaque batter with a smooth surface, solid viscosity, and a butter-like consistency. The rosin is quite malleable, making separating whatever amount is needed a simple task. The concentrate stays solidified when handling, and it’s not especially sticky, so the concentrate can be dropped into a banger fairly easily. Overall, it’s a gorgeous rosin 🍯

The smell on the Sumo Oranges is fragrant and powerful. Upon first cracking open a jar, the user is met with a surge of creamy, orange citrus terpenes drenched in chem-heavy GMO funk. The acrid tang of the GMO folds into the sour citrus scent and enhances it into this pleasingly rank sour orange aroma. Gadsden compared the smell of the flower to a, “big rotten stanky Orange creamsicle,” and that’s also true for the hash rosin made from it. It’s citrusy, creamy, sour, and slightly rancid in an astonishingly appealing way 🍊

The taste on the Sumo Oranges is extraordinary. The flavor has an acerbic chemical forward that’s bolstered by an orange citrus tang. It’s a sour and creamy flavor that, instead of assaulting the senses the way one might expect, stimulates the tongue and leaves the palette craving more. It’s a raunchy and strong flavor that is also piquant and captivating in the best way. The dab leaves a mouthwatering bitter citrus aftertaste that reminds me of orange juice ⛽️

The high on Sumo Oranges is invigorating. It creates an immediate head high with pressure behind the forehead and a sense of calm, as well as some body relief in the neck, shoulders and joints that eventually leads to couch lock. The concentrate burns especially cleanly for a hash rosin batter. It is an exceptionally smooth dab with no harshness 😶‍🌫️

All in all, the Sumo Oranges hash rosin batter is phenomenal. It hits all of the criteria in terms of smell, taste, high, and dab quality effortlessly. Happy Cabbage has been killing across the board and it seems like Gadsden doesn’t miss on a single one of their collabs with concentrate processors, solvent or solventless 🔥



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