Cultivar Review: Terdz by His and Her Grow


Lineage/Genetics: (Runtz x Jet Fuel Gelato)

Grown by: His and Her Grow @hisandhergrow

Originally bred by: Clout King @cloutking.mso ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Terdz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

terdz by his and her grow cultivar review by pnwchronic 2The bag appeal on the Terdz is superb. These beautiful buds are mostly silver from a heavy coating of shimmering trichomes and resination. The trichome coverage is abundant, with large resin glands that can be seen with the naked eye. Light and dark green leafage, minor purple leafage, and thick, rust-orange pistils can be seen under the avalanche of trichomes, rounding out the incredible visual appearance 😍

The nose on the Terdz is beguiling. It immediately smacks the user with a sugary sweet and zesty fruity aroma. The sugary terps are candy-bag level sweet, the fruity terps have a vivid zing to them, and the entire profile is undercut by notes of creamy vanilla, warm dough, and faint fuel fumes that tie the presentation together perfectly. Breaking the nugs down releases a candied smell that makes me think of Laffy Taffy marinated in Fun Dip and spiced petrol 🍬

The taste on Terdz translates perfectly. It has tangible layers of caramelized sugar, sweet vanilla cream, and succulent citrus and berries that stimulate the tongue on every hit. It starts out with a small splash of gas that becomes more prominent as the joint burns down. The profile has a mouthwatering savoriness on top of the sweetness that creates an enchantingly delectable quality to the smoke 🤤

The effect on Terdz is remarkably satisfying. The high slowly wrapped around and enveloped my head with a warm feeling of euphoria as I smoked the first joint. I felt alleviation and an overall feeling of relaxation settle in shortly after. The flower is dense, somewhat sticky, and leaves mild resinous oil on the fingers after breaking up by hand. It produces a smooth, fine flower and a minor amount of large grain kief when ground 😶‍🌫️

All in all, Terdz is a phenomenal cultivar. Satire aside, it checks all of the boxes in terms of visuals, smell, taste, high, and smoke quality. This is my first flower from His and Her Grow, and I’m definitely impressed. As for Cloutking, I think you’re pretty safe checking out the Terdz wherever they drop in the country if these killer genetics are in rotation 🔥



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