Strain Review: White Runtz by Gage Cannabis

White Runtz 💜

Lineage/Genetics: Zkittlez x Gelato

Original Breeder: Runtz

Grower: Gage Cannabis

Distributor: Cookies Enterprises

Gage Cannabis White Runtz Strain Review

white runtz by gage cannabis strain review by fullspectrumconnoisseurI’m sure most connoisseurs have had this in their arsenal at some point and now I know why.

White Runtz changed the way I think about THC percentages. At just 16% this thing packed a bigger punch than a few upper 20s I smoked recently.

The flavor is super gassy ⛽️ super potent diesel with strong notes of 🍇 grapes. The purple on the nuggs took me back to when I first had a purple kush super tasty and sticky. It gave a great head high that keeps your mind awake while the rest of your face droops down into 🤮goo.

Definitely a staple from the @runtz @whiteruntz fam and a must pick up l, I know ill be grabbing this one sometime soon.

White Runtz 💜 gets a solid 9/10🔥
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